Sneak peek into our next issue, blog Q+A with Anita Sikma, Vancouver, BC Canada

Leading up to our third issue going live mid-February, we’ll be sharing some sneak peeks into our featured people articles, so you can get a little flavour and feel of who they are, and get a glimpse at what will be coming up in our next issue!

anitaPhotos by Angela Fama

Your name and company:
Anita Sikma
Anita Sikma Design

Hometown: I’m a born and raised prairie girl from Regina, SK. Living and working out of East Vancouver, moved out here 10 years ago and always been in East Van.

anita studio

What do you do, quickly, what’s your “elevator pitch”?
I make things into metal, essentially..mostly. Or I make things out of metal..for the other part. I’m a jeweler, I create small scale art pieces to be adorned on your body. I design it, create it, labor it, love it, share it, sell it and hustle it.

What you’re up to at the moment, and where can people see you and your work, in person or online?
At this very moment I’m working on designs and gathering ideas, imagery, inspiration etc for my new collection. Mostly bracelets and rings..but in a totally different direction from what I’m used’ll have to stay tuned for that, I may throw in a few photos of some sketches but I don’t always like revealing what I’m working on. I anticipate that the first casts and molds will be done by Summer 2014 and I can start production on them over the summer and release them in the fall. I’m also gearing up for this weekends new ASD look book shoot with some very talented local ladies, let’s say mid-February that should be up on line.

As far as fairs/events go I had my third year at Toque back in December, that’s always so fun..lot’s of talented artists and lot’s to love about the Western Front! I do think I’m participating in a group pop up at the Toast Collective on Kingsway (Vancouver) in February, just a week before Valentines Day. In December I made nearly 250 pieces, earrings, rings, pendants and custom work for Holiday Sales and just restocking for the new year.  Anyone can contact me through my website and shop on line or email me, phone me, Facebook me..Instagram etc and make an appointment to visit me in studio or set up a consultation. I’m currently in 2 local shops, Eugene Choo up on Main Street and Cavalier in Gastown but also have some sale items up on Garmentory.

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