Sneak peek into our next issue, blog Q+A with The Sweater Girls, Ramona and Chris, Albuquerque, NM USA

Leading up to our second issue going live mid-November, we’ll be sharing some sneak peeks into our featured people articles, so you can get a little flavour and feel of who they are, and get a glimpse at what will be coming up in our next issue!

Your name and company:
Chris Appleton and Ramona Chesley


Albuquerque, NM

trailer_truck_lav festival

What do you do, quickly, what’s your “elevator pitch”?
In March 2010 we decided to take knitting on the road. We are the first and only knitting school and knitting supply shop that travels around in a 1955 Terry Trailer. We are now expanding our travels by opening an Etsy shop. We carry a unique assortment of knitting essentials, kits and jewelry. We have a passion for handcrafting and community that we hope to pass along to others.

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What you’re up to at the moment, and where can people see you and your work, in person or online?
At the moment we are putting aour energy into our new etsy shop, so please come take a look at We are also teaching local knitting classes, if you live in Albuquerque you can find information about our classes, knitting club and private parties at

Find Chris and Ramona and Sweater Girls online here:

Thank you Chris and Ramona! Find out more about Chris and Ramona and Sweater Girls in the upcoming Holiday 2013 issue of Made In Mag, launching mid-November!