Sneak peek into our next issue, blog Q+A with Tom and Laura, Jolly Edition, Baltimore, MD USA

Leading up to our second issue going live mid-November, we’ll be sharing some sneak peeks into our featured people articles, so you can get a little flavour and feel of who they are, and get a glimpse at what will be coming up in our next issue!

Jolly Edition Laura Shema and Tom Hart Office
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Laura Shema and Tom Hart
Jolly Edition


Baltimore, MD

What do you do, quickly, what’s your “elevator pitch”?
We create custom stationery and illustrations for special occasions.

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What you’re up to at the moment, and where can people see you and your work, in person or online?
We are always bustling! At the moment we have a few irons in the fire with some web design and branding work for a few special people. We’re mostly visible online, we are constantly updating our FB page, Instagram and Twitter feeds. We love engaging with people who appreciate hand made work and also those who create it!

Find Laura and Tom and Jolly Edition online here:

Thank you Laura and Tom! Laura and Tom and Jolly Edition in the upcoming Holiday 2013 issue of Made In Mag, launching mid-November!