Sneak peek into our next issue with Rosanne Bennett, West Kelowna, BC

Leading up to our third issue going live mid-February, we’ll be sharing some sneak peeks into our featured people articles, so you can get a little flavour and feel of who they are, and get a glimpse at what will be coming up in our next issue!

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Your name and company:
Rosanne Bennett

West Kelowna, BC, Canada

Alpine Rocks_RBennett2013“Alpine Rocks” by Rosanne Bennett

What do you do, quickly, what’s your “elevator pitch”?
Last fall I moved back to my roots in West Kelowna from Vancouver. I have found that my artwork takes inspiration in the environment and space between the two cities. I moved to Vancouver in 1989 and graduated from Emily Carr Art College in the 90s, started a flower shop and art gallery on Main Street with friends for twelve years and recently graduated with a diploma in Art History from UBC.

Currently I balance working part time on my family’s Thoroughbred horse farm and part time on my artwork and projects related to the arts. I am a member of the Board of Directors for the grunt gallery which is a vital artist-run centre in Vancouver – established in 1984.  and this keeps me in touch with Vancouver and the arts.

(uhm, how long was that elevator ride…?)

What you’re up to at the moment, and where can people see you and your work, in person or online?

I have just recently become involved in an upcoming exhibition titled Welcome/Home: Documenting the Immigrant Experience - a project initiated through the Penticton Art Gallery and the South Okanagan Immigrant and Community Services and their Welcoming Communities program. The exhibition will be up later this month.

My recent series Land Marks has exhibited at the Barrister’s Lounge at the Vancouver Courthouse and the Art Rental & Sales Showroom at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

This link shows a few interior photos of the exhibition:

I have a number of works from this exhibition at the Art Rental & Sales Showroom also available through their site:

Find Rosanne online here:

Thank you Rosanne! Find out more about Rosanne Bennett in the upcoming Q3 Feb/Mar/April issue of Made In Mag, launching February 18!