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Please note, after the publication of our Q4 issue, we will be on hiatus for a short break- please check back soon!

Are you interested in being featured in MadeIn magazine? Or do you know somebody who should be featured?
Would you like to contribute a story, artwork, photos…?
Would you like to sponsor a giveaway or contest?
Or create a special project, pattern, tutorial, recipe, song,….. to share with our readers?

We’d love to hear from you for upcoming features and articles in the magazine- send us your elevator pitch! Who are you, what do you do? What do you create? Do you have a website? Blog? Facebook? Photos you can share?

We create this publication as of right now, unpaid (other than the love of the job which of course pays off in karmic dividends!). We need you to do a bit of work for us and make our job a bit easier. Simple one liners will not work. “I’m in!” is great but it tells us nothing about you or what makes you tick. Introduce yourself and show us your style!

We’ll get in touch as soon as possible, to arrange a feature spot with you if you’re a good fit for our magazine. We ask for a lot of information so be prepared to put some time in answering questions and supplying us with lots of photos. We try not to overlap people who do the same things so if we already have someone who does something similar we might ask you to wait for a future issue.


We cannot pay for content at this time, but in exchange, we will give you a free ad space of the size of your choosing in the issue your feature and/or piece will be in, a permanent linked ad/contributor listing on the MadeIn site, and a featured blog post about you and your work, and any contacts/inquiries we can send your way.

Check out our info pdf here for a few more details then send us a note if you’re interested!

Please note: We reserve the right to edit and/or not accept content if it is not in the spirit of our publication, is harmful, hateful, or criminal in nature.