We’re featured on Peecho.com! & a giveaway?

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Check it out, MadeIn Mag is featured on the Peecho.com blog today!

Peecho is the print service we offer for anyone wanting to purchase a printed copy of MadeIn. They are fabulous and fast, and the print quality is excellent.


I love being able to have a copy to hold in my hands to read, digital is great for easy access but a physical copy is just that bit more special!

In honour of being featured, we’re going to have a giveaway of one printed copy to one lucky winner, but! There’s a teeny tiny catch. Our Facebook page needs to make it to 1000 likes (or better) before our next issue goes live on May 20th, 2014!

If we make it, we’ll have a draw for one lucky “liker” and they will have the Q4 2014 issue shipped directly to them. So, can you help us reach 1000 likes? We’re just at about 600 now. It’s doable! Head over to our Facebook page and share and like and spread the MadeIn love!

We’ll keep you posted and stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and supporting MadeIn! Here’s our Facebook link again, just in case!