Sneak peek into our next issue with Diana Thompson, Fashion Loves Photos, London, England!

What do you do, quickly, what’s your “elevator pitch”?
I’m a 50s loving fashion and portrait photographer who also DJs, blogs about fashion and runs a rock and roll club night.

What you’re up to at the moment, and where can people see you and your work, in person or online?
I’m currently in the middle of a website re-design which is really exciting – I’ve just created a new logo and it really feels like a fresh start. I’ve also spent the last three months training to run a 5k race which has been a strange experience for me. I’m doing it for a UK charity called Breast Cancer Care and before this the only thing I was used to running was a bath so it’s been a real wake up call!

As for my photography, I’m currently working on a pitch for my follow up exhibition to last year’s Everyone Says Hi”, a series of portraits capturing the people at the heart of Brixton. Whiskey Kittens, a rock and roll club night which I co-run with my best friend Tom turned two earlier this year, and that felt like a huge milstone for us. We treat it like we’re playing our favourite records to our friends, and as we started it purely for the love of it, we never really thought what would happen if it suddenly became popular!

And if that wasn’t enough to keep my busy, I decided to throw myself back into blogging towards the end of last year. I blog mostly about fashion and beauty but this has already opened up a few other avenues where I’m writing about vintage shopping and other topics close to my heart for various outlets. If nothing else, being this busy keeps me out of trouble!

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